by Brad Romano

If teams do not have enough players to field a team, they may request a reschedule as per the timelines in the PCFLL Operating Policy. However, the game must be played by the immediately following Tuesday or the requesting team must forfeit the game to their opponent. Since Playoffs are an elimination format, the league needs a winner by Tuesday in order to schedule the following week.

If a game is postponed by the League in the following conditions, efforts will be made to reschedule the game for as soon as possible, up to and including the following Sunday if time permits:

  • A game is postponed by the League or Commissioner (local field safety, weather, or officials); or

  • All games for a Pool are cancelled in a weekend.

Any and all League rescheduled games are at the sole discretion of PCFLL Executive personnel.

If the League determines any game or games must be cancelled in order to facilitate completion of the Playoffs, this formula, in listed order, will be used to determine the winning team for the matchup. The Winning team will be the:

  1. Winner of season head to head series for League games only - will include Tiering Schedule but will not include tournament and will not include exhibition;

  2. If 1. is tied; BCLA Goal Average Formula for all League games played head to head series (again, only League games are used, no tournament or exhibition games will be used unless the tournament game was officially a league game as per the Commissioner);

  3. If still tied, seeding at the conclusion of Fall Schedule; and then

  4. If still tied, Commissioner coin flip.