Cross-Tier Play for 2022-2023

by Brad Romano

Hi Families, 

For those in U11 and up you will notice that the League has currently scheduled some cross-tier play and I wanted to explain our strategy here.

As Field Lacrosse only plays one game per week we felt it important to limit byes, especially in early fall while the weather cooperates. As a majority of our tiers currently have odd-numbered teams, we are taking the opportunity to have select Tier 2 teams play up and down vs Tier 1 and Tier 3 teams. This will help us to eliminate byes for as many teams as possible and correctly place teams coming out of the Tiering Schedule and heading into our Fall and Winter Schedules.

We appreciate that the results for some teams may not be as positive as we are hoping for when we select the matchups. The League has tried to select the Tier 2 teams that we feel are in the best position to play in the matchup they were placed in.

Good luck to all our athletes this weekend.